Sunday, 27 May 2007


I was listening to Virtual Staffroom podcast 2 this morning on podcasting where the teacher noted that his use of blogs for his yr6/7 class in Qld may have to change due to education dept restrictions. The concern was that comments that were published outside the confines of the school network could not be later removed if there was a problem with the comment. My understanding is that blogs can be moderated if set up that way and therefore before any item is published the teacher could have the final approval. I guess I will have to follow up on this under the NSW system. If you have come across similar restrictions, please let me know.

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Mark said...

Its a tough one Karen. I have had a blog blocked by our organisation.
I complained, (well actually I requested an unblock) and I got a sympathetic hearing by a well informed senior administrator, (yes...they do exist), and the blog was unblocked very shortly afterwards.

I did have to make some modifications though.

1. Parents need to be aware of their child's participation (publication).
2. No child is to be identified. (We limit names to first names only)
3. All comments are to be moderated.

Pretty easy to do, and very sensible when you consider the implications of altenate scenarios.