Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Global Read/Write Web

When I included the clustr map on this blog it was mainly to learn how to insert some form of counter.If I were using a blog in the classroom, students would have an idea of the number of visitors to their blog and a visual display seemed more interesting.

However , I didn't realise how it would enable me firsthand to appreciate the read/write nature of web2.0. In a week my blog has had 44 visits, and while in the scheme of things this may not seem many, it encourages me to continue to record my thoughts. It is also amazing to look at where the visitors reside. While I can understand visits from Australia as I mentioned my blog in a post to the OzTeachers mailing list, I have also had visits from the USA. While it is possible that they are members of the OzTeachers list too, it certainly emphasises to me the global nature of the Read/write web.

If you read this, please share a note as to how you came to this site, as it would be interesting to gain an idea of the interconnections of the web.


Mark said...

Hi Karen

I came upon your blog via a notification on the australian edubloggers wiki. When you change the page (like adding your blog) I am notified, so I try to make it a habit to check the new additions.

I added you to my blogroll, so if you check technorati, you'll see a link (authority) to your site.



Kazzm said...

Hi Mark

I noticed an increase in visits to my blog once I added it to the Australian Edubloggers wiki. I guess this will be an important thing to consider when students blog, if they are to be motivated by sharing their work with a wider audience, (especially high school students)


Mark said...

Cluster Maps...(be careful)

Do you archive your cluster maps monthly, yearly, or even daily?

There are some things you'll need to watch though.

More here